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5 Signs you are ready to hire an OBM

1) Your business is growing but your free time is shrinking.

You started your business and had a vision of more free time for family, friends and yourself but that vision has turned into a far off dream as you are busier then ever operating your business.

2) Are you turning away opportunities because you are so busy?

You don't seem to have any more time in your day to take on more clients, and your feel you are wearing 17 hats with running your business.

3) Are you doing the same things you were doing when you started your business?

When you first started you did not have the revenue coming in so you were required to complete most of the tasks yourself for cost saving purposes.

4) Do you have an amazing team in place but they are still coming to you for everything? An OBM can manage the team and free up your time to do the things you love to do but have not had the time to do them,

5) Are you stuck at X$ revenue and can't see to get past that point.

An OBM can free up the entrepreneur and be someone to bounce off ideas to create new products, memberships and launch . You need to be in the right place to hire an OBM?

If you are interested in how I can help you achieve your goals for 2020 please contact me for the best year your business has seen and to be back to living hour dream.

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