Business Services

Clients often come to Wendy knowing they can expect a gain in energy and time to spend on new opportunities and the pursuit of success and growth. Wendy's clients hang up the many hats they were wearing as they gain back their freedom and their time with their friends, family and hobbies. They know Wendy will treat their business like their own as she puts the same passion in her business as her clients.

The Most Common Services Are...

  • ​CRM implementation and management

  • Invoicing

  • Client management

  • Inbox management/ responses

  • Project management

  • Attending workshops/ conferences as assistant

  • Research

  • Competitive research

  • Event planning/ assistance

  • Candidate recruitment

  • Business consulting

  • Travel coordination

  • Attending meetings and conference calls

  • Schedule management

  • Personal concierge service

  • Team Management

  • Proofreading and edits

  • Specialty made templates and workbooks


All packages include full access to all services.


Up to 10 hours per month (works out to be half an hour per day)

$500 + GST


Up to 20 hours per

month (works out to be 1h per day)

$900 + GST


Up to 40 hours per month (works out to be 2h per day)

$1500 + GST

Specialty Packages

Team Management

- Organization

- Oversee budget and project timelines


- Problem-solving

- Decision making

- Communication

- Team collaboration

Project Management

- Planning

- Organization

- Deadlines

- Overseeing

- Analyzation

- Execution